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Music production

Any kind of music you need, we can help you. Our award - winning team of producers, mixers and songwriters are ready to assist you in your every need. 

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make music better with us!



Have a song you need to arrange, produce or mix ? What ever your needs are, we are ready to help you make your music sound smashing!


song writing

Dont  have a song ? No problem, we can write it for yo or with you. We write songs, or topline,  for artists, brands, companies, PR campaigns etc.


A proper max and master can make your song sound so much better ! We mix and master all genres.



Our partners in both Thailand and Europe provides facilities for top recording of everything from vocal until full orchestra.


Artist package

The real artist experience

Want to try the full artist experience ? We can customize to your need, and make a package with e.g Songproducing, Songwriting, Fotoshoot, Makeup, Styling, MV-Production, Promo. Chooce what you want and we will make the perfect package for you.

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