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25-26 March 2023


Everything you need to know about the music business in one workshop!

( The event will be held in English and Thai )


Be in front of the future of Thai music



Learn how to write professional songs. Writing a song VS writing a hit song. the small but important differences in writing a hit vs just writing any song


Different music needs different techniques. Learn the tips and tricks to thrive in the genre you love.
Learn how to sing pop, rock and other genres. Get the most out of your voice.


Introduction to how to produce a song, and understanding the processProducing, Arrangering, Recording , Miksing, Mastering. The right way to produce songs and understanding the process of what goes into it


The best way to release your song and get into the major platform’s algorithms to guarantee good results even if you have no fans or little to no fans. Learn everything you need to releasing your own music, without loosing any revenue.

Social media

Get in depth knowledge on what to post and effective yet affordable ways of creating content. How you’ll find your image and learn how to brand yourself as an artist.


Most artists miss out on more than half of the money generating opportunities. Find out about all the ways to make money in today's music business even while starting out.


See an internationally certified manager contract. Learn about the individual roles. The dos and don’ts so that you will never get screwed over again.

Do I need a manager?

Why you actually need a manager and what a manager really does

is thailand the next up?

The future of thai music and major labels taking on the Thai market ? (next K-pop?)



25 - 26 March 2023
@515Victory Bangkok
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 our speakers!

MOre speakers will be announced!

Two days full of inspiration, growth, and networking opportunities

Are you dreaming of becoming an artist ? Maybe you already started your career and want to learn more?  Are you managing artists ? or Have an indie label, are you under a company or want to succeed as an independent artist? If you want to see the big picture, and the different perspectives of the global music industry, IMBW is your place to be!

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Music is bigger than ever. Our current digital world offers more opportunities to thrive than we’ve seen before. But with that, breaking through the noise is also getting more and more challenging. IMBW is your chance to soak in the knowledge of international industry experts. To unlock your full potential! Whether you are an ambitious rookie, a well-established artist, or someone who pushes the industry from behind-the-scenes, the future of Thai music is in your hands. And we are here to help you make the best of it.

Be part of forming the future of Thai music in Thailand and beyond. Let’s go international. In this unique lineup of workshops, you’ll learn how to sort out the complexity of the industry. The fundamentals of laws, contracts, and more. AKA how to make money with music. Our speakers will help you understand the international music business.

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