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About Up! Hit Music


Up Hit Music production is an independent company based in Norway who specialise in working with a diverse range of developing artists.

Our team have over 150 years of combined experience and work in the field of management, A&R, production, songwriting, video & editing, graphic design, vocal coaching, and marketing. In addition, we work with external professional associates.


With our own studios, up-hit producers aim to offer you high-quality sound to match your requirements. Recordings can be made on-site or remotely. Alongside music for artists, we present sound for commercials, promos, social media, and gaming. As a team of creatives, our expertise has led us to work with national TV, award-winning music, and established artists, two credits to our name are Coca-Cola and Detac.

Our latest project has been focused in Asia, with the objective of working with some of the country’s impressive talent who we aim to support. We have an extended team in the country who recently held a large audition, with a massive attendance we scaled the artists down to seven. The work has now commenced, and we are in progress with artistic development. Currently, the talented seven have been recording in “Studio 28”, one of Thailand’s renowned studios.   


Up Hit Music Production aims to offer a high-quality service with a transparent and honourable approach   

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