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what is this song about?

dopameen : "In the early stages of a relationship, saying "I miss you" may feel like too much when you've just started dating someone. In this phase of uncertainty and fear in a relationship, instead of expressing my longing directly, I find myself asking many questions, much like the opening lines of the song; “what’re you doing? what’re you eating?” I also try to distract myself by doing other things, as mentioned in the second verse; “reading, dancing, walking, napping.” However, no matter what I do, I always end up missing them even more. Just as my song concludes with "I don't want to say I miss you, but please be here," which actually means "I miss you a lot, but I'm just too scared to say it out loud"

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Don't miss you

dopameen : "Don't Miss You" collection is also my way to say I miss you. I feel it's cute and fun to have the opportunity to design my own love language and express it through those DIY flowers.

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